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Don't know how to use GRIIID Airtag Wallet?


1. Installing the Airtag

Step 1: Use the screw driver to dismantle the seven screws on the front plate of the wallet where the Airtag slot is located.

Step 2: Once done, you can lift the front plate and place the Airtag inside and then put the plate back on and start screwing them back using the screwdriver.

  • Important note: The apple logo should be facing outwards when installing the Airtag in the wallet.
  • If you don't yet have an Apple Airtag for your wallet, you can easily purchase an AirTag on Amazon, Apple’s website, Best Buy, Target, or other retailers that carry Apple products.

Not sure how to track your wallet using an Airtag? Check out this detailed instruction video on how to set up and use an Airtag with your iPhone device!

2. Using the Wallet

Simple, easy to use instructions are listed below To insert a card:

Step 1: · Gently slide the card into the top groove. *If you push on the half circle indentation slightly exposing the cards already in the wallet it may be easier to insert the additional card into the top tapered groove.

Step 2: To access a card:

· Press on the half-circle indentation so the cards are sticking slightly out of the top

Step 3: To remove one of the middle cards:

· Press on the half-circle indentation so the cards are sticking slightly out of the top
· Pull all of the cards from the top so they are about half way out
· Pinch the bottom of the wallet so the cards separate and fan out
· Select the card you want

    If you're having trouble with any cards staying in place, we recommend playing around with the order of how you put the cards in, which can make your credit cards more secure.